Rethink Museums – short presentation

rethinking storytelling in public spaces and in the nature

RETHINK MUSEUMS reinterprets museum stories, by exploring the manifestation of museums in public space; thereby reaching people as they go about their everyday life.

Museums are abundant with stories about our shared past, present and future. Art, culture and natural history is traditionally told, interpreted and debated within the physical constraints of the museum walls. RETHINK MUSEUMS challenges this tradition, by moving the stories out of the physical museum, and into the public space.

In 2017, RETHINK MUSEUMS aims to use innovative digital narrative forms and modern technology, to reinterpret existing museum stories, and create unique new experiences for everybody: the general public and visitors alike.

The project is developed in closely cooperation with:
– CAVI (Center for Advanced Visualisation and Interaction, University of Aarhus).
– MMU (Association for the continuous development of museums in Central Jutland Region).

and is sponsored by
– Central Jutland Region.
– Aarhus 2017.


There are four projects in Rethink Museums:

#RM1: Travelling through time and place

Experience a journey out of the ordinary, when you travel by train in Central Jutland Region. “Travelling through time and space” creates a sensory train journey, where historical events that have taken place in the countryside just outside the window, are brought back to life.

Through digital textual narratives and immersive soundscapes, travellers can experience ancient battles unfold and people getting sacrificed, forgotten industries re-flourish, and much more from our shared cultural heritage. Only time and place will tell what you will experience!

#RM2: The soul of a place

Imagine being able to feel history – to experience the soul of a place – when walking in nature. Perhaps, you hear the whisper of a tree, telling you about historic events of that very spot, 300 years ago. Perhaps, as you move around the countryside, you are engulfed in old tales from bygone times. Perhaps, a mysterious luminous being guides you around the footsteps of history. Or perhaps…

Experience the soul of Dysbjerg near Horsens Fjord in 2017.


For more information on RETHINK MUSEUMS please contact director Mette Kanstrup at or +45 23809139